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Pilot teaching and capacity building of the academic staff of the Naryn State University nearly completed

Within the AgroDev project great attention was paid to the academic staff capacity building and pilot teaching of students. New knowledge and teaching skills have helped the university to improve the quality of education and have increased attractiveness of the modernized curricula.

From 15 to 20 August 2022, a practical training “Good agricultural practice and international agricultural standard GLOBAL G.A.P” was held at the Naryn State University within the framework of the AgroDev project. The teaching staff of the Department of Agrarian and Technological Disciplines and Agrarian Technical and Economic College of NSU took an active part in the training.

The purpose of this training was to train teachers in the mechanisms of application of best agricultural practices and requirements of the agricultural standard Global G.A.P. This training will allow teachers to use the knowledge gained and pass it to their students’ application and importance of theoretical knowledge of the international agricultural standard GLOBAL.G.A.P.

Upon completion of the practical training, teachers were familiarized with the applicable requirements of good agricultural practice and the international agrarian standard GLOBAL G.A.P. taking into account local conditions and characteristics. They also learned the use of procedures, instructions, and forms that meet the said standard’s requirements in animal husbandry (livestock and cattle) and crop production (orchards, melons, and vegetables).

At the end of the training, all participants successfully passed the final test and received certificates. The total number of participants in the training was 24 teachers. International certified trainer, and consultant – Mirzoravshan Kobilov, conducted the training.

From 13 to 14 March 2023, Professor Heiko Fritz of Linnaeus University in Sweden held a guest lecture and a master class for students, teachers of S.Naamatov Naryn State University, and local entrepreneurs within the framework of the project «AgroDev».

Guest lecture and master class were held on the topic «Geoindication: Concept, international experience, and Opportunities in Kyrgyzstan». About 40 students, 14 teachers, and 6 local entrepreneurs listened to the lecture and master class of Professor Heiko Fritz with great interest, the content of which was relevant, useful, and informative with comparative cases.

Since March 29, 2023, a guest lecture at Naryn State University, within the project «AgroDev», continued for students of the Agricultural Faculty by Professor Sanita Sasanova from the University of Life and Technology of Latvia. The professor gave a lecture on «Food safety».

The lecture focused on how to achieve maximum food security at the individual, national, regional, and global levels. How to ensure that people have physical and economic access at all times to sufficient safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and to choose food for an active and healthy life. The lecture was very interesting. 28 students attended the lecture; the students were interested in the topic and actively participated.

In addition, on March 29, 2023, the rector of the Naryn State University Mr. Ermek Baibagyshov met with Mrs. Irina Kulitane – the coordinator of the project «AgroDev». During the meeting, the issues of sustainable development of the «AgroDev» project and possible plans for further cooperation were discussed.

From May 8 to 12, 2023, Professors Maciej Chovanjak, Marcin Nimets, Dagmar Zuzekiz and Piotr Kacorzyk from the Agricultural University in Krakow (Poland) held a guest lecture and a master class for students, teachers of S.Naamatov Naryn State University and local entrepreneurs within the framework of the project «AgroDev». Participants noted that the master class by Prof. Piotr Kacorzyk on “Innovative method of silage harvesting” was very informative and useful. The advantage of this method is that the shelf life of the silage may extended from two to three years without reducing its quality. By applying and distributing this method in agriculture in Kyrgyzstan, farmers could increase the shelf life of the feed without losing its quality.

On 16 May 2023, within the framework of the AgroDev project, a professor from Linnaeus University (Sweden) held a guest lecture for students of the Agricultural Faculty and a master class for teachers of NSU. The master class on the topic «Teaching and practical experience» was aimed at discussing modern teaching methods and their impact on education, and youth behavior.

During the training seminar, questions were raised: what concerns young and more experienced teachers, a changed world, and where is the place of teachers now? Professor Christopher High noted several practical methods of teaching. He noted that the scores worked, but did not achieve the objectives. Shared his experience as in the work needs to use more interactive tasks, gameplay within reason, how to organize group work, and focus on creative work as final tasks instead of test tasks.

Thus, the workshop gave participants the skills to improve and make their lectures and seminars more interesting and effective. Practical advice and theoretical reasoning were useful to teachers.

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