The joint report – overview on higher education modernisation needs has been published!

The report was prepared with the aim to identify preconditions and challenges, which shall be considered during the elaboration of the new study modules for agriculture related curricula in four Central Asia universities – two in Kyrgyzstan and two – in Uzbekistan.

The analysis helps partners to understand the needed resources, knowledge, and competence, as well as external factors, which must be considered during the elaboration of the new content. 

The report provides key information about:  1) higher education in the field of agribusiness related sciences in the involved Central Asia countries and universities; 2) the needs of the agribusinesses sector; 3) national regulations and mechanisms stating requirements for agro-food industry.

The joint report comprehends also conclusions and recommendations on how to improve higher education content and ensure novel knowledge and practices aiming to support agro-food production industry to apply and manage good agriculture practices , digital solutions and sustainable agro-business management principles.

The report in English is available here:

D1.1 Joint report.