Development of Higher Education Content Aimed to Support Industries for Sustainable Production of Qualitative Agri-food (AgroDev)”

About project

The project aims to modernise HE content for promotion of development of such national agro-food production systems, where farm-enterprises will apply internationally recognised good agricultural practices (GAP) and agro-business sustainable management principles and approaches, in this way increasing agro-industry (primary production and pre-processing) effectiveness and competitiveness, thus supporting business development, ensuring qualitative food and clean environment to inhabitants, and indirectly promoting regional and rural development.

Purpose of the project

To modernise agro-industry related higher education thus promoting implementation and effective management of sustainable agro-food production systems in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Project objectives

Specific objectives are set considering overall aim and need to create study environment which pillars are:

Qualitative study content, developed using the latest scientifically justified knowledge

Highly knowledgeable and skillful academic staff, following the latest scientific developments and using effective pedagogic methods

Productive and mutually complementary collaboration with relevant industries, where knowledge flows both direction

Qualitative study environment, ensuring access to laboratories and study literature

Assessment of study performance and permanent development of performance

Openness to the collaboration across borders