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What MyMoodle online training gave us.

In the course of Moodle Online Learning (Linnean Växjö University, Sweden), we introduced the features of online learning platforms through a set of resources, activities and assignments. We used MyMoodle from a student perspective: access resources, submit assignments, discuss in forums, and work in online groups. They learned to find useful Internet resources related to MyMoodle and attach them to messages on forums, seek technical assistance. Each participant of the online training created his own MyMoodle profile, and chose a group of four (SbTSUE) participating in the AgroDev collaboration. We got acquainted with methods to monitor students' progress in Moodle and test their knowledge: have identified online learning materials such as videos, tutorials, and tutorials that introduce students to using Moodle. We have seen the proposed video with examples from practice, which describes the use of external educational resources in our course on research methods for students in the LNU. Got acquainted with the different types of media that can be used with Moodle, as well as some ideas for creating effective texts for online learning and videos to support learning in addition to traditional resources such as tutorials or lectures. What conclusions we can draw at this stage of training (in our opinion) 1. Advantages: a)undoubtedly, the introduction of the Moodle system significantly changes the nature of teachers' work and the intensity of the educational process, making the education system more open for international cooperation. b) students are given the opportunity to draw up individual curricula, to freely determine the sequence of mastering disciplines, to independently compile personal semester schedules of training sessions; c) granting academic freedoms to teachers, including the right to freely choose teaching methods; d)individualization of the pedagogical process, practical orientation, as well as disclosure of students' creative abilities. In modern conditions, this system allows to train more mobile, competent and indemand professionals. 2. Disadvantages: - reduction of the role of the teacher in the educational process; No direct contact with students; - insufficient development of oral, literate, competent speech of the student. Moodle system requires a lot of self-control of the student, he has to plan his own individual educational program, which is often a special difficulty for modern youth. This system of education also provides for an increase in the share of the educational load for independent work of students, which clearly causes dissatisfaction of students. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention to the organization of independent work of the student, the form of assignment and control of their performance. The proposed tasks should be interesting and feasible for students. Our Moodle online learning continues, and we hope to extract for ourselves useful components of this platform, which we will use in their pedagogical activities. We sincerely thank our coordinators Heiko Fritz, LNU and Chris High, LNU and AgroDev Project for the opportunity to participate in Moodle online training. Thank you. Sincerely, content coordinator from SbTSUE, Shakhista Ishniyazova