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1st study visit at the University of Agriculture (Krakow, Poland)

From 11 to 18 September 2022, 24 professors from the universities of Kyrgyzstan (NSU n.a. S. Naamatov and KNAU n.a. K.I. Skryabin) and Uzbekistan (TSAU and SBTSEU) have been visited the Agricultural University in Krakow (UAK) within the AgroDev project with the financial support of the European Union as a part of the program “ERASMUS +”. The purpose of the study trip was to upgrade the qualifications of teachers of higher educational establishments of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in the field of food processing, storage and technology. The study trip to the Agricultural University in Krakow (UAK) was a very rich, informative, interesting and useful, where the teachers could visit the large enterprises, the logistics centers and farms certified by international standard Global G.A.P. - "Amplus sp.Z.o.o.", "Horticulture farm of Tadeusz Kusibab", "Mularski Group - vegetable producer", "Jamar - food production", "Witamina Group" and "Biogas plant". During this visit to these enterprises the teachers could see in practice the process of processing, storage and technology of food products, and also to study and learn the practical knowledge of the using of mechanisms for the application of the international agricultural best practice Global G.A.P. During a meeting with representatives of the visited enterprises, teachers of higher education institutions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan were able to learn and see the application of procedures, instructions and forms corresponding to the requirements of Global G.A.P. in the field, in practice. It is worth to note that this trip was an excellent reinforcement of the theoretical part of the training "Good agricultural practice and international standard Global G.A.P." which was held at NSU, KNAU, TSAU and SBTSEU in August 2022.