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Field training of Uzbekistan’s partner universities academic staff on good agricultural practice and the GLOBAL G.A.P.

From 7th September to 9th September 2022 in the Samarkand branch of TSUE, within the framework of the ERASMUS + program (Development of higher education aimed at supporting the stability of the quality of the agricultural and food industry), a training seminar on Global GAP standards started. The main goal of the training seminar is to create an opportunity to further study the requirements of the GLOBAL GAP standard, aimed at further improving the knowledge and skills of employees of the training system for growing competitive products that meet the quality requirements of consumers in developed countries. in the production of agricultural products. The representative of the international organization "Helfswerk International" of Austria, director of the Center for Quality Management in the Agricultural System of Tajikistan, international expert Mirzaravshan Kabilov gave a lecture on the basic principles of the Global GAP standard, in particular, the requirements and norms for food products. The participants of the seminar were given detailed information about the requirements, essence and relevance of the international standard. In particular, the advantages of applying this foreign standard in practice, as well as the importance of compliance with the established norms in the certification processes of this standard for producers and exporters of agricultural products, were highlighted. This standard is based on a set of quality management principles, which include customer focus, top management motivation and involvement, process approach and continuous improvement of quality management principles, and helps companies to profit by providing customers with high quality products and services. The introduction of this standard is important for further increasing the volume of exports of agricultural products grown in Uzbekistan today, diversifying the external market and increasing the level of competitiveness. It also protects consumers from low-quality products that pose a threat to the life, health and property of citizens, as well as harm the environment. In order to ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of December 20, 2018 "On measures to support exports and strengthen its promotion", it is of great importance in preparing future young personnel for the requirements of the time. At the end of the seminar, all actively participating professors and teachers were awarded certificates.