The objectives of this training were to familiarize the teachers with the practical requirements of good agricultural practice and the GLOBAL G.A.P. international agricultural standard, taking into account local conditions and specificities in Kyrgyzstan and to apply the procedures, instructions and forms that meet the requirements of this standard.

During the first three days of the training workshop the participants studied in detail the development of AF documentation and filled in the checklist and compliance checkpoints/criteria. Then the participants of the workshop got acquainted with the CB module “Crop Production”, studied the requirements and the documentation development of CB 1 – CB 4.1, CB 4.2 – CB 5.2, CB 5.3 – CB 7.2, CB 7.3 – CB 7.6, CB 7.7 – CB 7.11, CB 8 – FV 4 and FV 5 – FV 5.9. During the training the participants also filled in the Check-list, discussed with the trainer Mirzoravshan Qobilov the practical issues and possibilities of application of the standard requirements taking into account national laws of Kyrgyzstan, and at the end they took an examination test on the module “Crop Production”.

The remaining 3 days of the training workshop were devoted to the LB Livestock module and the development of relevant documentation. Participants of the seminar have studied in detail modules: CS “Cattle and Sheep”, DY “Dairy Production”, CYB “Young Calf” and worked on development of necessary documentation for all above mentioned modules. Participants also completed checklists and compliance checkpoints/criteria and completed the exam for the Livestock module.

All participants received certificates at the end of the training.